Life Asked Death…

In the past couple days, I have slowly found my way back to tumblr and, in doing so, I have also found some inspiration here and there for some longer posts that will eventually (read: I hope) find their way on to here, provided that I not only finish them but that I am satisfied with them. Actually, as I looked around my dashboard, I stumbled upon at least 8 drafts that I never finished. Did I not mention when I started this that something like this might happen? If I did not, I apologize. I should have made some notation about my tendency to drop blogs and become preoccupied with other things. Anyway, this is my post to tell you that I am going to try and become attentive again and, perhaps, finish something.

And so, I shall leave you with this:

“Life Asked Death…” by Kwan


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One response to “Life Asked Death…

  1. Great post! I also tend to leave unfinished drafts in my dashboard. I like the picture with the poem. Life sometimes seems like a good dream, or a terrible nightmare. but I believe it is an illusion. However, it is important to try to live it as fullest as we can, because we really don’t know what death will bring us after the beautiful life ends.

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