Love or Death: A New Reality Show

Love Or Death, pitched by Muneerah Warner, is new reality show that will be focused on Funeral Divas (female funeral directors) and their search for love while staying dedicated to death. According to Warner’s pitch on

“Follow their romantic, professional and spiritual journey as they struggle to gain the same respect as men in the funeral industry while looking for love in a world where men find their jobs disgusting.

Follow them to work and see what they do. Watch them as they balance work and their romantic lives and stay embalming fluid free all at the same time.

This all female cast includes mortuary students, funeral interns, embalmers, funeral directors and funeral home owners. They are fun, sexy, beautiful and they put the fun back in funeral. The dating process can be nerve racking but dating a Funeral Diva can be full of surprises when death comes knocking at her door.”

For more information about Love Or Death, please see: Love or Death: Funeral Diva Pitching New Reality Show or Reality Show to Focus on the Lives of Funeral Divas.

Who is Muneerah Warner?

Muneerah Warner is an African American licensed funeral director, magazine publisher, and youth leader from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  According to Mathew Gillies of, “she is known as the ‘Beyonce of the Funeral Industry’, for others, they know her as the CEO of Eternal Enterprises, Inc., however, Muneerah Warner has another claim to fame as the ‘Funeral Queen’ – she’s colloquially known as the founder of ‘a social and support group for funeral industry women’ elegantly named Funeral Divas, Inc..”  She attended Temple University from 1999 to 2001 and received her degree in mortuary science from Pittsburgh Institute of Mortuary Science in 2002.  After receiving her degree, she opened her own funeral home, Warner Funeral Home, and worked as a funeral director for 10 years.  Additionally, she wrote for the Philadelphia Funeral Business Examiner.  Currently, Muneerah is C.E.O. of  Funeral Divas Social Group, a civic and social organization, and Editor-In-Chief for Funerals Today Magazine.

For more information about Muneerah, please see her article in Afro Puffs & Ponytails, Inc..

My Thoughts…

This is a fascinating undertaking!  If this project receives enough funding and is picked up by a network, this reality series has the potential to normalize the funeral industry in pop culture and generate a considerable interest (please academia please!), not to mention potentially good press.  My only concern is that the longer it runs the worse press it will generate (by worse I mean a preponderance of negative attention), as many reality TV series devolve into a Jerry Spring-esque circus show in order to maintain and increase viewership.  Anyway, while I would love to see this series take off and continue for more than one season, I do hope that Love Or Death will be able to avoid the common fate of many a reality TV series and go off air with some semblance of dignity.


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