ADEC & The Morgue

We’re all aware of (or at least heard of) the two major scientific databases: PSYCHInfo and MEDLINE/PubMed.  PsychInfo is an abstracting and indexing database devoted to peer-reviewed literature in the behavioral sciences and mental health, while MEDLINE/PubMed is a database containing journal citations and abstracts for biomedical literature from around the world.  As a neuroscience major, I used these databases frequently.  So, as you can imagine I’ve been looking for a database specifically about/for mortuary science for quite some time now.  And–believe it or not–it is actually rather difficult to find literature on death, especially academic literature, but I recently found out about two databases offering resources: The Morgue and ADEC. 

The Morgue is a database that attempts to provide students, scholars and researchers with an on-line tool specifically targeted at the literature in field of Mortuary Science.  Unfortunately at this stage in its development, it does not index articles relating to association news, conventions, interviews, features, reader’s forums, advertisements, classified ads, obituaries, or brief.  Although, this database is nothing like PSYCHinfo or PubMed (with easily accessible digitized information), I do hope that one day it might be, especially if America continues moving in the direction of recognizing and reintegrating its mortality into its culture. 

In addition to The Morgue, another resource for literature on death and dying can be found through the Association for Death Education and Counseling (ADEC) also known as the Thanatology Association.  This database provides articles with a slightly broader range of fields united by the common subject of death and dying.  Unfortunately, this database is only available to members for an annual fee. 

So, far these are the only databases I have come across to date. Do you know any other databases providing literature specifically targeted at death and dying or mortuary science?


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