An End and a New Beginning

Seeing as we just ended 2011 and entered 2012, it seems appropriate to share the 15 most read funeral industry articles of 2011 according to Connecting Directors.  (The original Connecting Directors article may be found here.)

  1. Genesis Casket Company Plans $16.5 Million Investment, 300 Jobs
  2. Visser (SCI-owned) Workers Quit In Protest
  3. Modern Architectural Design Helps Skokie Funeral Home Celebrate Life; Building is Part of Trend Away from Sites that Reflect Death
  4. 10 Bodily Functions that Continue After Death
  5. Funeral Platform of the Future
  6. Horrific Story, When Buying a Casket Online Goes Wrong
  7. Widow Sues Funeral Firm for $16M
  8. 13 Things a Funeral Director Won’t Tell You (I read this article and it is complete crap. Please read the comments; they are actually [for the most part] accurate and much more informative.)
  9. The 10 Companies that Control the Death Industry
  10. Strip Mall Funeral Home Taking Heat from Opponents
  11. Mortician Poses Dead as If They Were Alive
  12. Basic Funerals Takes Lighter Approach with TV Spot
  13. Funerals Undergoing an Eco-friendly Makeover  (UPDATE: Ohio Regulators Stop Funeral Home from Liquefying Bodies)
  14. Batesville Debuting Endura Burial Vault at ICCFA Convention
  15. Exclusive: Genesis Casket Company Explains Simplified Pricing Structure, Distribution Strategy and Relationship with Gestamp North America

Aside from these stories, Connecting Directors made some predictions about what they think we will see this year!  Check out the predictions!



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  2. I’m glad this was useful to you! 🙂

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